I'm a doula-tog. What's that you say? It means that while I support you, physically and emotionally during birth, I also document your story. I get a lot of questions about how I do that and it's not something I can explain well so I asked a clients to explain.

"As soon as we found out my daughter’s pregnancy was high risk and we couldn’t use our midwives we decided to hire a doula.  I knew that we needed an advocate during delivery since the odds of medical interventions would be higher with our new birthing team.  I’d heard through friends that Jen was great to work with.  After our first meeting I felt so comfortable with her and knew she was the one to help guide us through the next few months. My husband is a great support during labor, but isn’t always sure how to best help.  Jen helped guide him and showed him what I needed and he felt more confident knowing she was there to help if needed.  My labor was pretty smooth, but when I needed to change positions to help progress she knew exactly what to do.  During transition I didn’t think I could make it through and all I can remember is Jen’s face across the bed from mine.  I was almost panicking, my husband and mom were somewhere in the room but I don’t really recall, all I remember was just seeing her totally calm face telling me I could do this, and that it was almost over.  During pushing was when Jen really became my advocate.  I was having trouble due to positioning and fatigue.  She stepped in, had several ideas to help and got us across the finish line without the medical intervention I was trying to avoid.

woman in birth

Once we got our birth photos delivered I was shocked.  I can’t really remember her taking any, and all of my memories from labor include her right by my side.  But somehow we had 100s of breathtaking photos of our daughter being born. I love to relive it all by flipping through the pictures.  We didn’t have birth photos with our older child and I regret it.  Jen’s pictures from the labor, birth and home visit are cherished mementos of one of my most special memories.

I guess all I would say in conclusion is this: Jen is amazing.  If you are looking for someone who is a warrior and supports her mamas fiercely- hire her.  If you are looking for someone who has a true gift and will capture your birth story with stunning photos- hire her.  

With a doula-tog, you receive images as well as support throughout your birthing journey and into postpartum." 

My monthly space is limited. If you are interested in doula services for 2019 please contact me as soon as possible.