Your investment. My investment. 

When a woman is asked what was the most important day of her life she most often answers,  

"The day my child was born. The day I became a mother."

Last year a client texted me this:

"I need to tell you...

Over the last few weeks I have been suffering from PPD, barely even able to take care of my son, but I have used the video you made for us as part of my therapy. It has brought me through some pretty rough times. Also the card you wrote hangs on my bathroom mirror as one of the many affirmations I have posted around my house. Thank you for what you do!"




Documenting her birth was more than even just that day. I am humbled to have provided support to her even after birth. I get to serve the best women and their families. Each time I photograph a women giving birth, my world expands that much more. I love every minute and I'm so blessed to do this. Contact me and we'll get together for coffee. We'll get to know each other and talk about your birth vision. Once you book your session, I'll touch base via email until I go on call. At 38 weeks I'm available via text or cellphone 24/7. Usually you, your partner, or your birth attendant (doula) will contact me when you go into early labor so I have a heads up. They will make the call as to when I arrive. You may not even realize I'm there depending where your labor is when I arrive. I will assist your birth team in any way possible. I will honor your birthing space and after your baby is born, I will stay and document all those first moments in the hours after birth.

The Experience

Jen was such a positive presence at our birth. She entered our home quietly and captured not only the beauty and miracle of bringing a child into the world, but also the emotion of each individual present. She connected instantly with my birth team and family. Jen was professional and the images were beautiful. I am so thankful we chose to invite Jen to our birth and am forever grateful for the film and photos she has blessed us with!   -Noelle




There are lots of big decisions to make when you are planning for your first baby and one of the best decisions we ever made was having Jen as our birth photographer/documenter. Caught in the moment, it is hard to appreciate all of the once in a lifetime things that happen while giving birth. My son's first breath, the look on my husband's face when he saw him for the first time, the precious first moments as a complete family; all wonderful memories that fade with time but are forever preserved in our amazingly emotional pictures. The story Jen told of our first birth experience with her photographs made our friends and family feel like they experienced birthing time with us and brought many to tears. Jen was absolutely amazing and we look forward to her being such an integral part in all of our future births!  -Megan

We had such an amazing experience with Jen Conway Photography. We could not have had a better person to be on our birthing team. She captured so many precious moments.during my son's birth. Jen was so much fun to work with and truly a blessing! I would not change a thing and I highly recommend her to anyone! We love you, Jen!!! -Ashley

 My first experience with Jen was when my she photographed my hypnobaby birth at Greenville Memorial in December. It was my first birth and I had signed up for everything under the sun..natural birth, hypnobirth, water birth, midwife, doctor, doula, placenta encapsulation, birth photographer and blood cord and tissue banking. As our due date grew closer, I started to get nervous that I had set my expectations too high. That seemed like a lot of people in one tiny little room while trying to welcome a new baby in a "peaceful way." My husband and I started to think..what can we cut out? The birth photographer seemed like the only thing we could spare. I've spent much of my life in front of the camera and I started to think, maybe just this once I don't need a camera in my face. Surely, I would remember it all. Before I could even tell Jen about my thoughts of reconsidering, my contractions started. My doula met us at the hospital and there was Jen. It was my first time meeting her. It didn't take long for me to realize I was actually relieved she was there. It's not very common to meet calming souls, but to meet a soul so gentle and delicate that it radiates and soothes you in the most intense moment of your life? I would guess, is rare. That was how I felt with Jen. I never felt like I was being photographed or exposed. She offered quiet help and support to me and my husband. She even took charge of my music so that my husband and doula could focus on me. She checked on my family in the waiting room. She whispered encouraging words to me. After a very fast delivery, I needed a little "extra care" from the physician and midwife. While my doula stayed by my side, Jen focused on my very nervous husband so that he could bond with our new baby instead of worrying about me. While I couldn't hold the baby right away, she captured the most treasured photographs I've ever had. A new father and his son. The two loves of my life, meeting each other and holding one another so tightly. She was simply amazing and I am so glad she there with us. 

She also came to our home to take nursing photos. I had a newborn session with another photographer a couple of weeks after the birth, but I was still so out of it, there was hardly an image of me and the baby that I liked. Jen and I picked a quiet morning about two months after the birth to photograph our special time together. It was perfect. By then, the baby and I were so comfortable with each other, we hardly noticed Jen was there. They are absolutely my favorite pictures of us to date. I feel so lucky to have met Jen and have had her by my side, helping me to remember the most special time in my life
. -Olivia


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