Great Minds Think Alike

It’s taken a while to realize what I wanted to offer as a mentor in this industry. I thought about what I needed when I was starting out, what really gets results, and ultimately it’s relationships. The Hive is built to provide sustenance and growth for the collective. Group Mentoring is the most effective way to connect, break down blocks, and launch your creative endeavors. You will work with me and two other Hive members who I hope will become lifetime allies in the sea of competition. I will guide our group with my 6 years of experience and knowledge in photography, business and birth work. This is an intimate group, you will leave your time with the group aligned with your purpose, creative insight into who you are, direction for your business, and most of all, friends.

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I’m investing into this group, into each of you. In a online course you can get lost, and your questions pertain to your situation and unique business. I will work to know you, brand you, and watch your business evolve. Each Hive lasts 6 weeks and will contain 3 members.

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We can’t operate in a bubble. The creative industry is full of competition and secrets. Everyone wants to sell you something. My goal is to connect. Not only will we have weekly hive meetings, you will have access to me via video chains allowing for ideas to flow freely without constraint. Everyone will also get a one on one with me at the end of our time together.



This is isn’t for the faint of heart. You will be responsible for weekly challenges and digging deep into how and why we are on this path as creatives and birth workers.