In 2012 I photographed my first birth. I knew it was something bigger than I had imagined and at the end of 2013 I started JCP. Since then, I’ve documented over 60 births. I’m so, so grateful for the work I get to do. It is more than work, it is my calling, and for that I am blessed. I realized as I am booking early fall births already that I want to celebrate and do something a little different. I’m going to raffle off my largest, most complete birth package. I’m only offering 100 tickets so there is a very high chance you can win since there will be no limit on the amount of tickets you can purchase. Now what’s also different is that every ticket you buy is a credit towards ANY JCP session, package, or products. So there are no losers in this! If you were planning on booking a birth session or any other session you get the credit, BUT you may also get an amazing package or session for as little as $25. You do not have to want birth photography to purchase tickets, so now is your chance for a family video session for a huge discount. 

So to be clear you could buy 20 tickets which would pay for a half of your birth photography and that gives you a 20% chance at winning. Or you could win with the mere price of a pizza dinner out!

Birth& Video Packages can be found here

Family & Video Session can be found here

So if you are expecting {estimated due dates can be no earlier than June 1st, 2017} or thinking of becoming pregnant or want a family session and also know someone who would love this as a gift if you won then do it! Celebrate with me and document your story! 

All credit purchases toward JCP sessions will have a 1 year expiration date {June 1st, 2018}. The draw will be April 17th, 2017. Tickets go on sale now and I will be available to answer any question on April 1st at the Upstate Birth & Baby Expo Come out and see me!