Among Animals, we're the aberration: 
want appropriates us, 
sends us out dressed in ragged tulle, but won't tell

where it last buried the acorn or bone.

I was wading through photos this afternoon, when the sun cracked open the snowy sky and I realized I hadn't shot one documentary session last year. Not one moment of real life. Yes, birth is all of that, but I miss asking someone to let me come in and just be with them, give little to no direction. My baby moon sessions yield sweet newborn photos, but they lack the real life I like. See, a documentary session is risky. You may walk away without getting the images you imagined. They imagined. That happened a couple of years ago and I think I sort of froze. And everyone expects direction, they sigh with relief when I pose them. I understand-- because being uninhibited is uncomfortable. And I've fallen into a habit of making it easy for myself. I know I'll get the shots with some direction and I'm blessed to have clients that trust my weak ability to direct them enough to get the moments we both cherish. But I want more risk. I want more failure. I have something up myself sleeve for this year so stay tuned. 

But hey it's also a blogpost! My goal is 2 a month so I'm on it!

These guys here though. We were match made. No kidding. 

I adore all my clients. They know this. I'm crazy lucky and blessed and feel like there is some client magnet out there bringing me these lovelies. But every once in awhile I just want adopt them. Thanks for letting me be weird, you two.