A friend of mine is a doula matchmaker. She's a pisces and oh so intuitive. She knew I'd fall for this coffee maven and her calm quiet husband. It feels silly to always say how lucky I am, how these amazing couples come to me and I get to mother and love on them. It seems trite and repetitive...but how can I explain it? How can I continually be so blessed? I think it's because I asked God to guide me in this work, to explicitly show me, without question that this is what He has called me to do. He has built my heart for it. This falling in love, this mothering. He built my heart to open and open over and over again. And to let go. That's the hardest really, knowing the space and the place you fill and when it has been done, the leaving. You want to gather all these humans to your breast forever. 

So on a chilly fall day I got to down coffee and hardly talk about birth, but about life and relationships and human nature, and art with this fabulous mother to be. We continued this on a chilly Friday night prenatal where I stayed too long and felt again as if I hardly spoke of birth and babies, but I think we did. 

On a balmy, misty-rainy night in February her water broke. Of course I said go to bed and texted through the early morning hours until I went to them and it was clear we needed to move things to the birth center. As hard as it was to bring this little aquarian earthside, her fiery Mama did it. She gave in, waited, felt wild and yet fully in her power. She pushed hard when needed and listened to herself and to the guiding voices around her. And a Sunday girl was welcomed into this world. With thoughtfulness and reverence she is parented. 

But that's part 3. 

Until then.